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These apples differ by yellowish-gold color and pale red glow.
Sweet fruits go well as for the raw eating and also for any kind of processing.


Fruits are rather large and one-dimensional. Glance, slim and at the same time elastic rind colored by the plays from pale green to dark red colors. The rind has multiple sprinklings that make the apple marmoreal.


Rounded shape, barely pronounced ribbing on the surface of the fruit. An apple of rather large size with sweet light greenish flesh. The rind is covered with a raspberry-red glow with white sprinklings.


It has highly-marketable large fruits. Glossy shine covers the greenish-yellow rind. The apple also has a rich red glow. Cream-colored flesh is juicy, crunchy, flaking and fragrant.


Round one-dimensional greenish-yellow with orange-red stripes and bright glow apples. The fruits have the yellow dense flesh, balanced sour sweet taste. The rind is medium thick, smooth, and elastic, dense, glanced.


The apples have the deep red color with light fine sprinklings.
The fruit is oblong shaped with greatly mellow flesh of light color.


Large fruits, of correct round form, differ by the exclusive marketability. Smooth dense surface and red-pink glow “poured” over the greenish-yellow apple specific to this sort.


Red chief sort has the oval-shaped fruits. Medium mellow and very sweet apples. The flesh of a light cream color and pronounced aroma is covered with a thin rind with a bright red glow and a waxy bloom.


Pale yellow color of apple has been covered by plenty red glow and glaucescent bloom.
The flesh of the fruit has the magnificent flavor, is mellow and nice crispy as well as very sweet.


Fragrant, sweet apples have a slight sourness. Marble red glow covers greenish rind.
The flesh of light cream color is very juicy and crispy.
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