Apple, grown in Ukraine, especially for you!

You will enjoy the most fresh and quality apples all the year round.

Agrokompleks-Barskiy LLC
Apples’ cultivation in Ukraine


Agriculture Barskiy has been on the market of apples cultivation in Ukraine for more than 10 years.

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals who know their job. We have imported the best planting material to achieve the best quality and flavor of our product.
We work for YOU!
Apple from Ukraine is the highest quality and most notably, delicious!
In 2013, we completed the construction of the storage area for apples using the latest technologies, according to the system of ULOT (Ultra-Low Oxygen technology) to achieve the highest quality of apples. Due to apple storage without oxygen in the camera, we receive quality apples that allows feeling the freshness of apples even after a year of its storage. Our company has supplied the latest model of fruit grading line, made in Italy, that allows executing the most accurate sorting as by the size as well as by the color. Such approach affords wide opportunities to execute any clients’ desires.
Growing of apples, cherries, sweet cherries
Right storage conditions
Sorting line

Growing apples

Our company has been growing apples for more than 10 years, and we know how to grow a quality product for you. We use the latest technology and the best and highest quality apple protection products. Our apples comply with the highest requirements of the European Union. We always apply the most innovative systems to achieve the highest result.

Grading line

Our company owns the most modern fruit grading line to date, it is capable to sort the apples by color, and it will ensure our customers get any percentage of red or another color on each apple, this is very important, because today our customers would at least 70 percent of red color on each apple. In addition, our grading line calibrates the apples according to the caliber size that meet all the needs of our customers. We can form pallets of apples of different sizes.

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